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Gitelson's Garbage Cans

The Garbage Can Project

“Life is full of little surprises.” Even though this is quite the cliché, how many of us actually understand what it means? Jon Gitelson, digital artist and photographer, certainly does, and he takes that meaning to heart. Through his art, he makes the simplest ideas interesting complex.

Gitelson’s subject matter is often so ordinary, that it seems bizarre to view it artistically. For instance, how often do you receive a flyer on your parked car? Pretty frequently, right? It’s become such a common occurrence that we no longer pay it any mind, and usually consider it a nuisance. But Jon Gitelson took this “nuisance” and turned it into an opportunity. Rather than trashing that flyer, he collected it, sparking an project that you’d have to see to believe. His work is modern in an unexpected way.

Another reason his work is so intriguing is the sincere personality behind it. Everything feels so down-to-earth. One of my favorites is his book, If I Had a Girlfriend…. The photos give a humorous insight to the ideas of relationships, and not having one.  It’s something everyone can understand and enjoy.

If I Had a Girlfriend...

A page from 'If I Had a Girlfriend' by Jon Gitelson

And that’s the best part about Jon Gitelson. His work is approachable, imaginative and fun. His spin on the world is a delight, and proving that anything can become an adventure.

Digitally Speaking

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Gå din egen väg

"Gå din egen väg" by Erik Johansson

Art is forever an extension of culture. As the world grows, shifts, and changes, our creative expression does as well. That’s why it’s not surprising that technological advances have inspired so many new art forms and media. With the dawn of the digital age, we have new techniques to improve on classical arts.

Digital approaches to fine art can be anything from film and photo editing, to three-dimensional animations. A digital approach is basically the use of technology to create a work of art. Nowadays, methods of painting, drawing, and even sculpting can be done with computers. For example, I can design a 3D figure using a computer program, just like using a lump of clay. I could use a ton of different textures, and never have to worry about running out of clay. Rather than being limited to a simple canvas and brush, artists can paint virtually using a variety of programs, and an even wider variety of color. The palette, the canvas, the brush, and the brush size… everything is boundless and right at your fingertips. Photographers can use computers to enhance and manipulate photos… practically altering reality. Now a simple print can be an optical illusion, providing the mind with even more to chew on. What used to take ages in the dark room can be done in a few minutes via printer. Using technology to create art opens so many doors, making the media to be accessible and innovative.

Experimenting with fine arts is a lot easier with the help of computers. A digital approach means I can take “old school” art and turn it into a completely new experience. Digital techniques modernize visual arts, giving the classics a dose of twenty-first century. Technological advancements have made the impossible attainable and the difficult simple, allowing our imaginations to run wild.

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