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Paul Pfeiffer is a relatively diverse artist, and most of his work has to do with pop culture and media’s influence on our society. He often edits films or manipulates photographs to show the viewer a different take on something we usually see as completely normal. One of his video pieces, titled Race Riot, is installed on a camcorder, so the viewer is looking through the camera as if they are recording it. The piece is about media and how the cameramen at sporting events try to show the audience what’s happening, but usually just shoot the back of their heads. Normally, we wouldn’t really pay any attention to this detail. When we’re watching a game on television, you just consider it a close-up. Pfeiffer’s skill is at taking out what we consider normal and presenting it objectively.

My favorite example is Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In this series, Pfeiffer has edited photos of basketball players at a game. It’s interesting to see how god like we make these players to be – all eyes and spotlights focused on them, the entire audience surrounding them and watching them play… I never noticed how intense it was until I saw this work. It makes a statement about how our culture depends so much on celebrities and we put them on such a high pedestal. Millions of people are watching your every move, and you aren’t supposed to mess up. It’s terrifying to think we do this to people and think of it as normality.

Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (7)

Overall, I really liked Pfeiffer’s work.I love that his pieces eye-catching and he gives the audience an interesting commentary on society.

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