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Nam June Paik is called the father of video art and is an internationally renowned artist of the digital age. Beginning in the early 1960s, he expressed himself as he put it “without talking” by using moving visuals and audio, a type of work that was never done before. Most of his work involves sporadic, flashing bouts of color and abstract subject matter. Paik’s groundbreaking artistic style influenced all digital artists that follow him. He was a believer in the power of the future and possibilities. He was a very conceptual artist, and by bringing art into the digital age he was providing a great deal of commentary on how society is changing.

Nam June Paik and his V-Yramid

His installations are a sight to behold as well. Some are in the shape of playable instruments, while other are towering walls of video monitors or built like a skyscraper. He’s even done television set robots. One of my favorites is TV Garden, in which Paik set up tropically plants and scattered televisions throughout. I appreciate the mix between technology and nature and their surprising similarities. We lose ourselves in watching TV and using technology, just like jungle. As it expands and reaches out across the globe, it takes on a life of its own and grows, just like the wild, leafy jungle.

Paik's TV Garden

I really like Paik’s creativity and innovation. His concepts are interesting because they address the media he is using. For example, Especially his installations, those are ingenious and give a new element to the videos he is displaying.  He uses the physical television set as a building block, using it to create amazing sets and scenery from the imagination. Paik envisioned an empowered technological age, where information was a “super highway” that connects us to the art world. The best part is, Nam June Paik used his skill with video art to cause just that.

Electronic Superhighway

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