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John Blatter is a sound artist that creates unique installations for his work. His subject matter usually is about the self and how media has influenced our worlds. He does this by using audio files of people speaking, often combining the sounds with an installation for the gallery. He has also done videos, for example, As Seen on TV is a video piece about marketing himself to an audience like the commercials on television. His work is an interesting commentary on how the media changes our self identity.

Diary installation

Most of Blatter’s works have a lot to do with the inner self and how people connect on a personal level. My favorite out of these is Bored of One where Blatter set up speakers near each side of a board meeting table. From these, he played audio of himself discussing his future. It was funny to hear something so intimate being talked over and analyzed like a product of a corporation. Blatter has very interesting ideas about things the self… for example, he uses the views of others as his self portrait. I think this is a great take on what most artists do, because not only does our opinion of ourselves come from within, but other people shape our being as well.

Bored of One installation

I believe John Blatter’s work is an amusing and fascinating approach he takes on our society and character. His installations are amazing, and his messages are universal and reach across a wide spectrum of people. Everyone has seen a billboard before, or an infomercial, or a dressing room… Blatter uses these shared experiences to capture our interest and deliver a message.

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